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Nonprofit partners

Featured Chef & Restaurant Owner - Troy Guard

FNG is where quality and quantity meet. Remember that show, that song, that one album that defined you as the person you are? It’s for that moment, and in that moment, that FNG was born. FNG is the reminder of all that is genuine, pure and just f’n good. Our food is Rock N Roll and our drinks are Punk Rock.  The staff; an over-educated, tattooed, eclectic band of experience creating hospitality rock stars. We define the FNG experience in four simple words ... LIVE FREE, DINE HARD!

Foster Source

Every hour 50 kids enter foster care in the United States. Foster parenting is challenging and emotionally taxing. A large majority of new foster parents quit within the first two years due to feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for parenting children from a traumatic background. This has caused a severe shortage of foster parents in Colorado, leaving vulnerable children without the stable home environment they need.

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During COVID we wanted to do something to support our community and The Denver Box gave us a great opportunity to support restaurants, nonprofits and visit with friends. Not to mention the food is so good. Oh and reasonable in price.

Jeff Huling

I love having a great meal with some close friends. Plus the food is easy to make and super good.

Ryan Hochmiller

My wife an I love the Denver Box. We get to try new restaurants in the middle of COVID and do not have to worry about contracting the virus. Not to mention the food is amazing!

Chip Wernig